This is a true 7 year guaranteed interest rate annuity.

Interest Rate:

5.05% Year 1
4.05% Years 2-7
(4.19% over the 7 years)
Rates are 0.10% lower in Florida with full death benefit.

Guaranteed Period: Guaranteed For 7 Years
Surrender Charges: 7 Years
9% Year 1
8% Year 2
7% Year 3
6% Year 4
5% Year 5
5% Year 6
5% Year 7
30 day window
During your 30-day window you can surrender your annuity for cash
with no surrender charges or market value adjustment.
Minimum Deposit: $5,000 to $1,000,000 for qualified and non-qualified
Issue Age: 0-90 (lower in some states)
States ONLY approved in: AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, IN, IL, KY, LA, MD, MS, MO, NM, NE, NC, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV
Free Withdrawal: Subject to surrender charge; 100% liquid after 5 years.
Death Benefits: If the optional Death Benefit Feature is not selected the Death Benefit is equal to the Cash Surrender Value in a lump sum, or the Full Account Value in annual payments over a 5 year period. If your spouse is named as the sole, primary beneficiary they may elect to become the owner of the contract and continue it for the remainder
of your term. Additional payout options may also be available.

FL Only: Death Benefit equals Accumulation Value for policies issued at all ages.

Commission: 2.25% 0-80
1.15% 81-90

Quarterly bonus goals

Production Requirements - Cash Bonus
$100,000 - $199,999           $125
$200,000 - $349,999           $250
$350,000 - $499,999           $500
$500,000 - $749,999           $750
$750,000 - $999,999           $1,000
$1,000,000 +                       $2,500

Optional Riders: Death Benefit Feature - (Required for Issue Ages 86-90**)
-Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal minus 0.15%
-Death Benefit Feature minus 0.25%
-Accumulated Interest Withdrawal minus 0.05%
Company Ratings: B++ by A.M. Best

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