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Since the fixed annuity and life insurance marketplace is a dynamic and often confusing environment, FSD Financial Services was created in 1991 to overcome this complexity while fulfilling your particular needs. We pride ourselves on providing top annuity and life products, commissions (for agent and agency levels) and unequaled services. We will process all annuity paperwork for you. FSD provides you with the experience, technical support and comprehensive access to the complex fixed annuity and life insurance marketplace.

Why is independence so important? FSD provides detailed and knowledgeable advice to serve you and your client. Know your marketing group, ask them if they are independent or owned by any insurance company. Then proceed with that information as you review the products and carriers they are marketing.


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Mail: 5530 Corbin Avenue, Suite 101, Tarzana, CA 91356
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Agent: Jeff Affronti is Master General Agent for DBA's
AnnuityExperts.com, FSDFinancial.com, and SPIAquote.com

Licensed in many states - Click here for list of states and license numbers.

Locally serving the San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Encino, West Hills, Chatsworth, Northridge, Camarillo, Santa Barbara Oxnard, and Ventura

Why FSD Fixed Annuity Marketing?

Marketing Independence: FSD Financial is 100% independent. We are a family run business, insurance agents are trained by a 18 year industry veteran who believes and teaches that quality, integrity and expertise are what the Fixed Annuity business should be. FSD Financial is not owned or sponsored by any insurance company. Give us a call, see why agents consider us reliable and knowledgeable marketing group in the nation.

Insurance Companies: FSD Financial is a true marketing organization. We not only appoint agents, we train them, and direct calls to us regarding product specific questions. Once the sale is complete we review the application and transfer paperwork before submitting. We can assist insurance companies that looking to get into the fixed annuity field by helping create and build products, set up commission schedules and statements and market the product quickly to a quality group of independent agents.

Why is this independence so important? FSD provides unbiased and expert advice to serve you and your client. We have noticed recently a trend toward punishing insurance agents who do not continue writing annuity business with a particular carrier. This is facilitated by owning a marketing group. Know your marketing group, ask them if they are independent or owned by any insurance company. Then ask yourself, "do they provide unbiased advice or are they more concerned about the insurer who owns them"? We believe, to get the most honest advice your marketing company should be independent and best serve you, the agent.

ANNUITY TRAINING EQUALS SALES COMFORT: FSD's sales staff has detailed knowledge of the fixed annuity marketplace. Our agents love the fact they only need one source for all their fixed annuity product needs. Insurance agents simply call up to discuss the clients situations and we brainstorm to find the appropriate fit for that particular client. Our agents do not need to follow the rates from 20 companies, that's our job and are one of the best. Download the most current rates 24 hours a day at www.fsdfinancial.com. You can feel comfortable with the products you present your clients.

LEAD PROGRAMS: We have been asked about providing leads. We found in speaking with many agents that free lead programs offered are not worth it. At FSD we pay MARKETING BONUSES on many products based on your production so you can buy your own leads. Weather you want preset appointments, lead cards, radio marketing campaign or to advertising by print. We will pay addition commissions toward those goals and can help you link up with one in your area. Excludes NY and certain carrier product line.

WANT A MARKETING LEVEL CONTRACT?: FSD is looking for some "mini-wholesalers" who have 5 or more subagents. A limited number of marketing level contracts are available. Pay your subagents full street level commission and earn an override on ever sale for yourself.
Call Bob or Jeff for information or
click for more annuity agency contracting.

Learn more about our independent agent program.

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Types Of Fixed Annuities:

Fixed Rate Institutional Alternatives 

  • Combos/Split Annuities
  • IRA Rollovers   
  • 1035 Exchanges
  • Deferred-Start Longevity Annuities

Responsive Service

SERVICE: Our comprehensive approach to fixed annuities brings together a network of carriers and resources to provide you with a level of service unsurpassed in the wholesale brokerage community. At FSD, we are serious about providing the Insurance Planning Professional with prompt efficient service, case design, technical assistance, product training and broad market access. In addition to supplying illustrations, we provide the annuity broker with all necessary forms and contracting, case submission, and post sale follow-up. At FSD, we recognize that your time should be spent prospecting and selling--so leave the processing to us. We continuously monitor the status of each submission for you for fast and accurate results.

INFORMATION: FSD is dedicated to providing the information you need to assure that you are current on all relevant issues. For instance, we continually update and supply you with our FSD Fixed Annuity Guides--an easy to use product spreadsheet featuring carriers & ratings, product information, current interest & commission rates. Our Annuity Guides is a quick reference guide for experienced agents. Agents should always check carrier brochure and rate sheets for most accurate information. 

OUR CARRIERS: FSD is a completely independent annuity and life wholesale marketing organization working to meet our brokers’ needs. We have developed relationships with many insurance carriers wherein our selections are based on company ratings, product offerings, new business service and competitiveness.

FSD believes in the value-added approach to insurance marketing; this is why you can feel confident in our approach to working with carriers. Our large number of carriers helps us provide the products you seek.

EXPERTISE: FSD maintains a nationally recognized expert that will help you every step of the way. Jeff Affronti, President of FSD has overseen, as a Marketing Organization, the placement of over $1 Billion of fixed annuities from Hawaii to Maine. Keeping up relationships with the executives and staff at the varies insurance company we represent as well as having a national social media presence keeps FSD relevant. Jeff is often called upon by carrier representatives across the USA to get his opinion on new product ideas or current market conditions. Brenda FSD's office manager has helped insurance companies refine their commission statements or new business forms drawing on her over 40 years of experience in an administrative role. FSD's expertise lies in understanding not only what fixed annuities offer, but how annuities are built, priced and sold.

Agent Support

We will present you the products, do the back office follow-up and pay you the top commission. 

FSD Financial is 100% independent. We are a family run agency all trained by a 40 year insurance industry veteran who believes and teaches that quality, integrity and expertise are what this business should be about. FSD Financial is not owned or sponsored by any insurance company. Call us for information on contracting and commissions.

Just give a call and tell us what you are looking for!
You will be glad you found us!

While we strive to periodically update the information on this website, FSD Financial Services makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any information on this site.

Earnings and pre-tax premium payments are subject to income tax at withdrawal. Withdrawals prior to age 59˝ are generally subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax.
FSD Financial Services does not offer tax advice. For specific tax information, consult your attorney or tax advisor. Product and feature availability, as well as benefit provisions can vary by state. Contact an FSD annuity expert professional for company specific product details and limitations.

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