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Deferred Fixed Annuities earn a guaranteed interest rate, often higher than other equally guaranteed products. The interest rate is guaranteed for an initial period determined by the contract. After the initial guarantee period, a new interest rate will be declared and will be guaranteed for a new period. Regardless of market conditions, the company guarantees a minimum interest rate that assures you growth. Currently the highest minimum guarantees are 3.00%. 
Deferred Fixed Annuities
Imagine if a bank offered CD's that guaranteed the rate would never be less than 3.00%!

An annuity is a financial product offered by insurance companies. An annuity accumulates interest, and when you need it, can provides a regular stream of income. Plus, tax deferral helps your annuity grow faster than a taxable product.

Traditional Deferred Annuity With a Multi-year guarantee:

  • Multi-year guarantee annuities offer a fixed interest rate and guarantees it for a specific time period. Normally one to ten years. The surrender period in a multi-year guarantee annuity will match the guarantee period. A multi-year annuity with a 10 year surrender will guarantee a rate for the full 10 years.

Power of tax deferral -

  • When you purchase an annuity, the interest you earn during the accumulation phase accumulates tax-deferred. Tax deferral helps you in two ways. First, tax deferral means you donít pay taxes on the growth of your annuity until you withdraw your money, so your annuity grows faster than a taxable financial product. Because you donít pay immediate taxes on your annuities earnings, they are available to earn more interest. Second, if you annuitize your contract and begin receiving a series of annuity income payments, you may be in a lower tax bracket and your income may be subject to less tax.

FSD Deferred Annuity Guide -

  • A constantly updated and comprehensive work-up of the top selling and most client friendly deferred annuities and can commissions.

Why Deferred Annuities are used -

  • IRA's - Guarantee an retirement invest will increase in value.

  • Personal Income Assurance - Strip the interest from a deferred annuity and never use principal.

  • Flexible deposits - Make on going contributions to a flexible premium annuity.

  • Tax deferral of interest - Unlike a CD Annuity interest is tax-deferred until funds are withdrawn.

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