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FSD's mission is to establish your company as a full-blown wholesale annuity operation without a dedication of the associated cost or time.
You have brokers who already rely on you for your life insurance or health insurance expertise. But these same brokers are placing their annuity business elsewhere, if not with you.

If you haven't established a wholesale annuity line because your expertise lies in other insurance areas. You probably realize that with a full-blown annuity operation comes the added expense of personnel, training, accounting, inventory control and infrastructure; not to mention a huge time commitment to be continually on top of the industry's current product offerings, rates and innovations such as the Equity-Indexed Annuities. FSD Financial may be your annuity solution.

FSD brings all these resources to the table. By forming a strategic alliance with your firm, FSD will serve as your back-office Annuity Desk.

We don't merely want referrals. We want to work closely with your firm on several plateaus which are discussed in our Wholesale Marketing Proposal.

Simply, your brokers can now turn to your Annuity Desk for reliable and efficient annuity support. Finally, so that all parties to our alliance are winners, FSD insures that the full street-level commission is paid to your brokers while our firms agree on an appropriate override split--one that works for the both of us.

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