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Index annuities offer fixed guarantees with upside potential. Annual reset with annual lock-in of gains.

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Fixed Indexed Annuities:
Here at FSD Financial we offer the industries most client oriented indexed annuities.  The most client oriented Indexed Annuities are products that have the best possible upside potential for the client while providing a high minimum guarantee (downside protection) and a fair agent commission. We carefully examine crediting methods, reset periods, terms, bonuses, surrender charges, death benefits, client waivers, company ratings and commissions to bring our independent agent base the highest quality Fixed Indexed Annuities available today.


FSD Top Pick Client Friendly Indexed Annuity

Cap Protection On Indexed - Simple and Safe

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The Index Stretch - Beneficiary Lifetime Stretch Annuity
Your Annuity clients will be amazed when you show them how their beneficiaries can defer inheritance income tax over their lifetimes by using a stretch.

Fixed-Indexed Annuities (FIA) are very innovative fixed annuities which allow your clients to participate in the upside of the stock market, yet they protect your client's principal from stock market risk. Below are some top products samples!

  • The basic concept is simple. If the (the S&P 500) grows in a given year, your client earns a percentage of that growth. But if the market performs poorly in a given year, clients simply earn 0% (2% on some products) for that particular policy year. Further, the original deposit and any interest credited in previous FIA policy years are preserved no matter what the S&P 500 does. Combine this with tax-deferred accumulation and you've got a sale! Call us if you would like to know more or email.
  • Market Linked Products offer upside potential without downside risk.
    Not only do you get all of the "UP'S" and none of the "down's"
    but a minimum guarantee as well.
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